About Us


Youth Matters is a non-profit organization, founded by Mr Fareed Ahmad, with a vision to provide productive activities for our youth. Operating with the motto ‘Because you matter’, we want to inspire our youth with productivity so that they become focused, successful and independent thinkers. Our vision is to instil true Islamic knowledge so that they become confident believers and exhibit Islamic Values in all walks of life.

Tarbiyah Project (Engaging youth)

Hifz-E-Quran & Arabic learning

Podcasts & Lectures

Adrenalize (Sports Activities)

Counselling & Mentoring


We also host a number of extra-curricular clubs for organizing regular (free and paid) sports events for kids, teens and young adults. We welcome students of all ages to play in a clean, healthy and nurturing environment where they can learn good Islamic values through friendly Islamic reminders and motivational talks.

Podcasts & Lectures

One of our key activities includes organizing frequent lectures, talks and workshops for young men and women to attend in a segregated environment to deepen their connection with Islam through learning and understanding.

We also organize general trainings and workshops to help our youth excel in basic life-skills, such as increasing productivity, managing time, and managing relationships.

Our speakers are selected based on our carefully vetted selection criteria to ensure our audience gains maximal benefit on their time investment.